Women, Gold Diggers


Most men in the field of technology have challenges in dating. Reasons such as the lack of social skills and improper hygiene of techies account for these problems in dating. One other big reason that accounts for this challenge is the fear of gold diggers. Men in technology fear that women who decide to date them are only in for the money and luxury, not because of love. Could this fear be valid? Are women actually in for the money?

The idea that women date techie men for their money and comfort can not be totally ruled out. Kanazawa and Miller, in their book; Why Beautiful People Have More Children (2007) inform readers that women prefer powerful, wealthy and respected men because of the protection and security these men can offer them and their offspring. Based on Kanazawa’s claim, one can say that men in tech should forget about finding love. There are other reasons that validate the fear that women are gold diggers. The up rise of dating companies shipping women to California to date men in tech is a contributing factor to this believe that women interested in dating men in tech are gold diggers – seeking their own selfish desires and benefits. The Dating Ring, a start up with the aim of matching people to go on dates recently embarked on a campaign to fly women from New York City to san Francisco to meet up with guys in tech and go on dates with them. These attempts to introduce women to techies enforces the idea that women are desperate and in effect portraying women as gold diggers.

Women in the gold rush period were gold diggers who came to dig gold to improve their lives, not to satisfy selfish desires as women of today are speculated to do.


Women with pickaxes
We came to dig too, not to dig from you.


According to Jo Ann levy in her book, They Saw the Elephant, women in the gold rush era were revered rather than feared. Abby Mansur, a partaker in the gold rush tells the importance of women in California when he writes:

“I tell you the woman are in great demand in this country no matter whether they are married or not you need not think strange if you see me coming home with some good looking man some of these times with a pocket full of rocks. . . . it is all the go here for Ladys to leave there Husbands two out of three do it” (Levy, 2013). Women in the California gold rush era, were in great demand because they were scarce and also, their presence encouraged stability and progress. The Alta California, (formerly a Mexican and Spanish province, compromising the present state of California), mentions that: “Woman to society, is like a cement to the building of stone” (Levy, 2013). In spite of the boom in California, with men getting richer by the day, the presence of women was still needed to bring development and stability.  The fact that women were seen as catalysts to progress enforces the idea that women actually came to California to ensure positive change, contribute to the development of California and make the lives of the men better, rather than taking away from the men who depended on them for progress. Ha!, who is the gold digger now? 0fgjhs6r8m67mleja.aa2435e9

Although there are more men than women in tech companies in our modern world, the fact that women are needed, just as they were in the gold rush for development and growth is eminent. High performing tech companies such as Cysco, ebay, and many others have more women in managerial positions. The role of women in managerial positions can be accounted for by the fact that women usually have the E- type brains (Kanazawa & Miller). Kanazawa shows readers that there are two types of brains; the S-type brain and the E-type brain. The E-type brain, also called the female brain is better at empathizing than synthesizing. Although men can have this type of brain, it is usually associated with females. Women have the ability to empathize, motivate, discipline, coordinate, and plan, thus making them suitable or administrative and managerial roles. Just like in the gold rush period, women are needed for the progress and development of tech companies and other companies, which will ultimately lead to the improvement of lives across the globe.


So to answer the question I asked earlier, women seeking to date men in tech could actually be on to greater things such as making the lives of such men better rather than chasing after their money.



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