Wanted: Women In Tech

Silicon Valley needs more women. Are the tides changing?


Women make up a greater portion of those going to college, and yet many don’t pursue careers in tech afterwards. However the tech industry desperately needs more women no matter their major. Evolutionary psychologists like Kanazawa state that their are two types of brains. The “S” brain and the “E” brain. The “S” brain is referred to as the systematized brain or the male brain where the “E” brain is the the Empathy or female brain. Both sexes can be either despite these names given. Kanazawa states that historically our female ancestors were “E”brains and the men were “S” brains. Kanazawa claims that women looked after the children and didn’t need to be systemic, while the men needed to be systematized and detached from their activities such as hunting and killing. However this brain differentiation isn’t enough to explain the disproportionate amount of men to women in tech.In tech their is a lack of women in any of their departments, causing a great gender chasm.

Many E type brains would be perfect in the tech industry, to break up the “boys” club that is the tech industry. Type E brains would bring in new perspectives that many companies are lacking when they are controlled predominantly by men. Women can fulfill roles in any department from the tech sector to the human resources sector. Women whether they have an “S” brain or an “E” brain need to fill the gender divide in tech companies. The diversity in Silicon Valley is atrocious, however the playing field for women is beginning to look-up thankfully.

In an article entitled #TechTuesday: 4 Reasons Why Its Awesome To Be A Women in Tech published on the website Women 2.0 further examines the current advantage of being a women in tech. These reasoning’s range from female centric start-up ideas led by women who know these needs, to understanding the strife of other minority groups in tech, and the discrimination faced. Women are just as capable as handling the tech industry as guys, in different ways potentially. However Silicon Valley, better get ready. Girls are here  and they with ancestral cues such as sometimes having an “E” brain are ready to take Silicon Valley by storm. Like the great Beyonce once said ” Who runs the World? Girls!”






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