Why Type E Brains are Good for the Tech Industry


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Most of you know that men greatly outnumber women in the tech workforce. But did you know that the tech industry only has around 25% female workers? As more women enter the tech industry, more and more business begin to realize the positive effects of having women in the business. So what makes women able to have such a great impact in tech? Some scientists argue that most females have more empathy than males, which allows them to connect with other people easier, so female tech workers are able to maintain a stable and healthy relationship between their colleagues. Having a good worker relationship is key to a productive environment, which is created by women who have type E brains.

Right now, you must still be confused on what is a type E brain, so allow me to clarify. Some evolutionary psychologists believe that there are two types of brains: type S and type E. Type S stands for systematic, and it defines people who are better at systemizing, i.e. an inventors mind. As some of you might have guessed, type E stands for emphatic. People who have type E brains are better at empathizing with others, which help create and strength bonds between relationships with other people. Most males have a type S brain, while most females have a type E brain, although there are men who have more of a type E brain and vice versa for women. This explains why most women have the ability to connect with co-workers on a personal level, which is why many type E people have great social skills.


In the book Virtual Love, fictional character Virginia Libert, a manager in the Google AdSense department, helped increase workplace productivity within her staff and thus increased the amount of revenue and publishers from AdSense. She can be seen connecting with her staff by setting up different ways of communication and by introducing a friendly workplace environment by changing the layout of the office. If any of her workers seemed to be underperforming or distant, she would have a meeting with them and talk about their situation. During the meetings, she would empathize with them, and then gives them a pep talk with suggestions on how to deal with the cause of their stress, which improves their mood and productivity.  At the end of each meeting, her worker would usually feel a lot better and would then perform better. Her fruits of her labor can be seen during her first meeting with the executives of Google, where they were overwhelmed about her accomplishments of gaining over 2 million publishers. Clearly, this is the result of her excellent social skills that stem from her type E brain. Her ability to connect with her workers allowed her management skills flourish, which also improved worker output. Without her, the department would most likely not be as successful.

Because Virtual Love is a novel, you might not believe how it correlates with the real world, so here are some more concrete examples. Recent studies have shown that women in tech are more likely to collaborate with others – around 84%; 10% higher than men. This can be explained by their type E brain. Since they have great social skills, they must also collaborate really well. Common sense dictates that collaboration is one of the the keys for a successful business. It allows work to be distributed into its correct departments and it also boosts creativity. These factors boost productivity and helps the tech company as a whole.


If you are a woman who has a type E brain, you should definitely consider applying for a job in the tech industry. Your skills will help the workplace and the company. And I call for all tech companies to consider hiring more women, because not only will it benefit the company, it will also diversify your workforce.


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