The Kind of Woman Who Gets What She Wants

I know what I want 2

“Ya seem like the kind of woman who gets what she wants” (Virtual Love, 2005). Women in our modern world are the kind who know what they want and have so many opportunities to get it.

Women who get wat they want are the educated, powerful, beautiful, and talented. Women who get what they want have well-paying jobs and can provide for themselves. Women who know what they want are women of today – modern women. Women of today do not want a tall, strong big and wealthy man who according to Kanazawa, has the ability to protect and support women as well as their offspring. Women of today want a man with whom they will grow old, a man who makes them feel special- a soulmate. Women of today want to run into warm and loving arms that will comfort them when stressed, not a big fortress that will do nothing but protect them.

Kanazawa will disagree to this claim that women can find  soul mates because he argues that women are hard-wired to prefer men who can offer protection and support. He mentions in his book “Why Beautiful PeopleHave More daughters”  that Women prefer strong and wealthy men of high status who can provide all the basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. But women of today will certainly not agree; “We don’t need men for their money and comfort because we’ve got it all”; modern women will say.


“I want a soulmate! Protection is not a priority”




Kanazawa yes,2
“What are you talking about? You need protection”








Women get what they want not only because they can provide for themselves, but also because of the impact of technology in dating. The Internet, mobile phones, emails, text messages and a wide range of technological tools and mediums have made everything including finding a mate easily accessible (Ansari, 2015). Technology has created a platform where women can get what they want. Dating sites have become quite popular these days, offering people the chance to go on countless dates and getting into dozens of relationships.



Oouf, so many to choose from!


Speaking of technology, it seems that most women who know what they want do not want to date men in the Tech Industry. Such men, according to Kanazawa are the ideal men because they tend to be wealthy. However, these smart and rich men have difficulty in dating. Why is this so? One reason is that such men are “weird” and lack the social skills that women want (Marsan, 2008).

So women of today know what they want in a mate, and they will go get it because there are so many options available for them. And if you are a man in  Tech without a mate, you better take advantage of Technology (a science that you are very familiar with) to get the woman that you want. You also have preferences, dont you? Go get ’em.





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