The Bird that Never Left the Nest


It is well known that woman are looking for a man to spend forever with. Here, in Silicon Valley, a common phrase most woman hear describing men is “the odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

If you are a woman living in Silicon Valley, chances are you’ve met a few techies or are part of the herd.

So basically you’re surrounded by techies no matter what, meaning your chances of becoming romantically involved with one is very probable. It’s no surprise that women around Silicon Valley become mesmerized by men in the tech industry. After all, they have brains, high salaries, and flexible job schedules. Naturally, this allows for men in tech to shower their women with their fantasies. Kanazawa, a self claimed Evolutionary Psychologist who seems to have done some decent research on attraction between humans, point outs that women want men who will provide for their offspring. Providing for offspring includes anything from providing financial security to having time to take care of the kids to staying committed to a woman so he will be there in the future. On the surface, qualities of a techies do seem to meet the requirements.


However, there’s one slight problem:

The Silicon Valley tech industry has pampered its techies with everything that Mom and Dad used to provide at home and more.

A tech company is more than a place that you’ll work. It’s a place where you’ll eat, you’ll socialize, and you’ll basically live. Tech companies provide more perks than the average company: dry cleaning, fitness on-site, and even nap pods when you want to take a quick snooze. So it should be no surprise that some techies have close to no life skills. Think about it, a high school kid hoping to pursue a career in the tech industry will go from home to college, both places where living is essentially hassle-free. Eventually, most people will learn to take care of themselves toward the end of college when living becomes more independent, but if you’re a techie, there’s really no need. As soon as you get into the work place, again everything will be provided. Suddenly the high school kid wanting to be in tech is a rich 40-year-old with a great job, but no practical life skills.

This is problematic for women dating boys in tech. The false illusion of the ideal guy that most techies give off causes many women to become upset with techies that they end up dating. Many end up finding out that the men are not capable of fulfilling many of the needs that Kanazawa points out women want in a man. They can’t cook, clean, or even run basic errands. A man who cannot fend for himself is certainly unable to fend for his spouse and future children.




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