Techie Love

Love has become something hard for people to get ahold of. Walks on the beach with that special someone, meeting their family, and even taking them out to lunch on their birthday seems like a dream hard to reach.  In particular the geeks that are surrounded 24/7 by technology such as their computer and phone. 

So far in semester we’ve learned about modern love, old fashioned love, and evolutionary psychology. This unit in particular has been focusing on modern love and technology. One way that we got introduced to those topics was by reading articles and creating blogs of a new sensation called Dating Ring, a dating site which flies single women in New York to meet single men in San Francisco. These women would get the chance to connect with men that are well-rounded and willing to give a girl a chance to be theirs.

Techies in the Bay area, are struggling to find romance even though they seem to be able to financially support any woman. According to Kanazawa, if a man if financially stable, he can automatically get any girl he wants. But due to the experiences that women were having on their dates hosted by Dating Ring, women wanted to feel that special connection. These women found techie guys to be socially awkward and not their fun type. Ansari would definitely say that men and women want more than just money and that is the feeling of affection and appreciation: love. 

I find it really interesting how our world is changing and how our generation is more open to finding and meeting the love of their life online and not bumping into Mr. or Mrs. Right at a coffee shop. As time goes by, there’s more online dating apps in which couples are meeting each other. For the future generations, this is going to be more of normal thing to do. Nerdy Guy.jpg



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