I’m pretty sure we all know women who tend to exclusively date “richer guys,” but it looks like even female gold diggers have their limitations. Even though techies may be loaded 6358798887710371771893085686_ad9ef610776a8938f972bef595f690a4with money, some women complain that they are unbearably boring and it’s hard to date them.


Let’s hold on for a sec and look back to what evolutionary psychology would say about females’ preferences. Controversial Kanazawa claims that high social status, especially wealth, and physical strength make an ideal male mate. On the other hand, Ansari shifts his gear to high confidence, sense of humor, social skills and emotional support in relationships. So dear men, if you don’t want to be single anymore, here is a guide to how you should be like.9998461925d6d17e172f9a836b6fbdd9


The stereotypical male techie would definitely fit the category of a rich guy. He earns a lot of money, which gives him higher socio-economic status. Unfortunately for our techies, this is where their pluses stop (or a plus, to be more precise, since that’s the only advantage they have to make them look attractable to ladies).


We are going to spend a lot more time listing their disadvantages. The only reason why they make so much money is because they invest all their damn time at work

Shocked Computer Nerdand have no time for life. Even a date with a lady is more like a job interview for them, and not to even mention their physical strength, which is highly questionable. No one would call a stereotypical techie beautiful, but a nerd with the lack of confidence, sense of humor and social skills – oh yes. It looks like we found the answer to women’s dissatisfaction with dating techies.


So to all of the dear male smarties in tech industry, if you don’t want to spend the rest of your monotonous lives by yourselves, and thinking of your computer as your only BFF, get out of your nerd-beauty-side-view-young-men-kissing-women-hand-standing-together-against-pink-background-33341915comfort nerd zone and explore a world of a successful, confident and socially skillful man who knows how to approach a lady. And don’t forget, in monogamy you can’t get married to a pretty lady if you’re already married to your job.




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