Can money buy you love?

Is it easier for rich men to attract beautiful ladies? Probably yes. But is it easier for them to have a long-lasting and strong love relationship? The answer maybe is a no. Even though such men are more attractive because of their high social status, they usually are more willing to invest their time in work rather than building relationships.time-and-money

From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, women find men who have high social status are more attractive because it suggests a better living situation for their potential offspring. Furthermore, this idea is proved in the virtual world. In an experiment, female participants were asked to rate different male avatars to examine whether traditional offline biases regarding male social status transfer to the online world. As a result, the participants rated male avatars as more attractive if they were high in status compared to those low in status. This conclusion further confirmed the importance of men’s social status in the process of mate selection.

If women are predetermined by their genes to seek for rich men, then why don’t we see many stable relationships happen with rich men? This is because such man devotes most of his time to work and treats finding a mate as a scheduled task to finish.

For example, in the novel virtual love, Max, a millon-dollar hedge fund manager, proposed to Virginia via an email. Yes, an email. Obviously, Max thinks that managing his million-dollar project is way more important than giving a formal and romantic proposal to the woman that he is going to spend the rest of his life with. For Max, proposing through an email is a much more efficient way to finish this “task”. Similarly, many men working in the tech field think that dating a women is just another task that can barely fit in their intensive working schedule.


Money is powerful, but it can not bring people a fulfilling relationship unless they really take time to invest in one.



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