the qtπs who happen to be hella $$ need to be forced to meet and greet – people just need time (Group D)

Finding love has always been a difficult task. Some call it a conquest, others a dream. Some just call it a pain in the a$$. Many people go their whole lives searching, seeking, looking for that perfect somebody to complete them. But what if you just don’t have the time to even go to the bathroom. The stressfully competitive Silicon Valley culture is perfectly depicted by Kim Malone Scott in her novel, “Virtual Love”, where her protagonist Virginia suffers from a gall bladder infection by literally not peeing – ever. It seems then that Silicon Valley workaholics are married to their jobs and want to marry another person?

Even marriage proposals are now in virtual reality. Oh how will we ever go back to the good’ol days of chivalry.

In our monogamous society that seems rather scandalous. Amy Andersen thinks she has the perfect solution to this complicated situation where qtπ nerds are making hella bank and where the ladies want in. To Andersen, it’s simple. Bring back the chivalrous times she exclaims as she “intuitively” pairs people together. “No algorithms, no arrows, no apps: just intuition” is her company slogan. “Sounds like a load of crap”, explained a Berkeley student who is currently studying computer science. She has a point. Matchmaking and so-called intuition is all pseudoscience. If all she’s doing is telling busy people to meet up with another stranger just because, then I can do that too – for much cheaper. In fact an app could be made that creates and hosts social events at tech conferences and/or startup conventions that allows single people to mingle and see each other face to face. And if it’s the sincerity or the actual devotion of time that is seemly lacking, then just say that Bill Gates will arrive at the end of the three hour social event. All the nerds will be flocking and staying. 

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