Group F – Beauty and the Geek

Dating sites range from specific niche ones like “Geek 2 Geek”, to the extremely broad, widely used “Tinder”. While it’s easy to see why geeks would be involved with the first website, despite the divide between these services, the geek community of “Tinder” has also been rather active, as there were several instances of people writing scripts to auto-swipe on the popular dating app, since if they’ve swiped right on every single person on the network, then anyone who swipes on them as well will be a match. This allows them to find every person using the app who might be interested in them.

According to the article “Sex and the Geek’, this is a group that consists primarily of men, this gender imbalance seems to make it difficult for them to find a partner. As a result, sites like “Geek to Geek” exist, since while the story in the article was about a couple meeting through “World of Warcraft”, this isn’t really a reliable dating method. The “Tinder” hacking from the other article is less about this as it is about some men doing whatever they can to get a date.

Overall, the internet and online dating communication services are opening up a whole new world of possibilities. These new channels have opened up new and creative ways for men to pursue women.


A “World of Warcraft” themed wedding for a couple who met through the online gaming platform
A lower tech, less efficient way to continuously swipe right on “Tinder”.



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