Group B: Love Tips for Techies and Geeks

tips for finding tech/geek love


Diane and Gerard, two geeks, meet at a place where most people would never imagine. They met their significant other on an expedition in China’s South Sea where they watched an Eclipse of the sun,their guilty geeky pleasure!  Their and other couples accounts are detailed in  “A Computer World article Geek Love: Two Techies Make it Work” (Mayor,2011). This and the two following articles “5 tips for snagging a techie girl” and “Social Skills-and hygiene-can help lovelorn techies” go into detail about the best way for techies to find love. In the 5 tips article by Adriana Lee readers see her telling techies to embrace their geekiness but to not let it overwhelm the conversation. This idea is then echoed by Carolyn marsan who believes techies can change the way they approach mates but they don’t need to change their interests to find love.Geeks and techies are portrayed as being ruled out in the world of romance and dating but that is not the case. Such people have wonderful relations, twice more than “normal couples”(Mayor,2011). If you are a geek and you find it difficult to find love, don’t worry because there are tips for you. Overall in the tech dating world, people must become more socially aware but need to embrace their geekiness if they want to find true love.



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