Group A – Finding Love from Across the Country

The three articles we read were all about Dating Ring, a new dating site that flies single women from New York to meet single men in San Francisco. These articles provided the background of the dating site, the men’s perspective of the service, and the women’s reactions upon meeting the men. The people’s experiences with this novel dating service signifies how dramatically technology is changing modern romance, leading to some unexpected outcomes.

Flying for love

The CEO, Lauren Kay, initially launched a dating service in New York, then expanded it to San Francisco without the “cross country matchmaking” aspect of it. However, she later thought to match singles from across the country because of the uneven ratio of single men to single women in the two cities; in San Francisco, there were 1.42 as many male users as females, while in New York, there were 1.82 as many female users as males.

There were many female New Yorkers who enjoyed their encounters with San Francisco men. A participant described many couples to be engaged in their conversation and even getting very intimate with their partners, having “chemistry.” Additionally, many women took pleasure in getting high on weed brownies at Dolores Park, delighted by their exposure to San Francisco culture.

On the other hand, some women were not satisfied with their dating experience, mainly because many of the men in San Francisco were socially awkward. This is said to be somewhat characteristic of San Francisco men, especially those in the technology industry, since they do not have many opportunities to socialize with women in their everyday life. For instance, many men often “lack a filter” and ask women insensitive questions, such as “Are you really a C cup?” before even going on a date. One female user of Dating Ring was also touched inappropriately by a man who was approaching her in San Francisco, which made her feel uncomfortable.


While this revolutionary dating service is delightful for some and unsatisfying for others, it is undeniable that technology is drastically transforming how people find love in modern society.


7 thoughts on “Group A – Finding Love from Across the Country

  1. Seems rather strange to have such a specific target audience. Also, it seems like women in NY should be more aware of what kind of men live in SF before deciding to do this.


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