Dating Problems in the Silicon Valley (C)


Love doesn’t flow so easily in the Silicon Valley.

While one would expect an area primarily dominated by the some of the most educated, well paid men to have women flocking to the dating scene, the scenarios presented by New York Times and Buzzfeed articles state otherwise.

The Silicon Valley has an exceptionally high ratio of men to women, but while “odds are good, the goods are odd” (Sharrock, 2013). As said by Evelyn Nieves, writer of the New York Times article, “finding romance is harder than finding a house here for under half a million dollars.”

So what’s the problem here?

With the Silicon Valley minting 64 new millionaires a day, men are afraid of potential gold-diggers, as few women reside in the area and get the “pick of the litter.”

On the other hand, women think that the men don’t bother with them or even know how to try. Most of the men in the tech industry are socially awkward,as many have had very minimal interaction with girls (can’t make eye contact, rarely interact with girls, immature). Men go on dates in t-shirts and sandals, treating the date as if it were just any ordinary office day, or are just plain immature (a typical day at an office consists of nerf-gun fights and unlimited snacks). Work also consumes much of one’s daily life, leaving a man with little time to invest in a good relationship.

While there is no doubt that there are guys out there who are mature and know how to dress well, these incidents are very rare in the Silicon Valley. As a result, an industry of matchmakers and consultants have arisen that teaches men the basics of approaching women, from how to say hello to how long their pants should be.

Hopefully, such guidance will allow the dating scene to successfully flourish as much as the tech industry has, but if it’s doesn’t, let’s just hope that these men don’t have to resort to virtual women.



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